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I like to think I’m a blend of traditional and modern photography (creating the best of both worlds). I struggle to find reasons as to why I’m different from other photographers, or reasons to convince you that you should book me instead of someone else… but I think that’s exactly what sets me apart.

I can relate.

We live in a world where things move so fast that it’s hard to keep up, and since we have access to images and videos from all over the world, we may start to feel as though we’re just blurring together with everything, and we don’t stand out from the crowds. We start wondering what's real anymore, and what's fake. We start questioning our own worth, in comparison to the filtered, photoshopped, plucked/pinned/painted-on images that we see everywhere.

But I see you.

My job (my passion, my purpose), is capturing the beauty I see in everything, from a vehicle detail shop to the grace and allure of real women. I tell the story of what I see: the rawness, the realness, the truth… the unfiltered beauty.

I am constantly learning and constantly evolving, but what stays certain is my belief in my purpose to tell the stories that I see through photographs - or timestamps if you will.

When the world keeps moving fast and you feel like you’re camouflaging, or worse... hiding, remember that I see you, and I want to show you what I see. Let me help you show your story, let me help you create these memories, let me help you discover the unfiltered beauty that I see behind my lens.

                                  Education is an important part in my journey of growth. In that spirit in                                   December 2018 I graduated from New York Institute for Photography with a certificate in portraits.

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Studio Address: 

72 Inglis Place (2nd Floor), Truro NS



(902) 956-0143

Current + Past Clients

HAF Skate & Tattoo, Brookfield Bakery Cafe, The Tweed Suit, Bike Monkey, Jimolly's Bakery Cafe, Callus Gloves, Clay Cafe, FineLine Fuel Systems, and more

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