Rainbow & Golden Babies

More then 10% of couples experience loss of a child in some way. Many struggle for years and a few are extremely lucky to be blessed with what we call a Rainbow Baby. A child after loss, miscarriage or infant. Even luckier families get an extra gift of the pot of gold after the rainbow. This particular family went through many years of struggle before they were graciously blessed with their two beautiful girls.

  • Alicia Charlene McMullen

    on September 25, 2017

    I recently had a photo shoot with Stephanie Macarthur photography. I want to thank you very much for photographing my girls and sharing my story. I hope that my story and experiences; whether they be good or bad can help someone along the way.

    In 2006 I experienced my first loss. That was the beginning of an 8 year battle of recurrent miscarriages, 8 in total. I seen several doctors and completed several tests only to be told they were not sure what was causing the miscarriages. In Feb 2014 I read an article about acupuncture and the benefits with fertility. I figured I would give it a try. In Oct 2014 I became pregnant and was able to carry to term. She was my Rainbow baby. Fast forward 15 months, I found out I was pregnant again without trying. Come to find out; the due date was the same for both girls. What are the odds. She was my golden baby.

    This year my family is finally completed. We sure went through a rough storm at first but we made it out with the greatest gifts. My rainbow baby and golden baby.

    Thank you Stephanie for being creative and patient with us. Trying to get both girls to cooperate at once was a task but the photos turned out great.

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